Be brave like Ukrainians
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On February 24th, 2022, Russia launched a
full-scale war against Ukraine. Our home.

But since 2014, we have all realized some crucial things. War in real life is not like war in the movies. It's scary and cruel — it shouldn’t happen in the 21st century. Russia is a terrorist state. Ukrainians are incredibly brave people who united around the world like never before to protect their home, their country and their independence.

Despite the fact that the geography of our companies and projects isn’t limited to Ukraine, we’re proud of our roots. Our head office is located in Kyiv — here we co-build companies, invest in and scale them all over the world.

victory — is the way

We believe that there are many tasks and goals in this journey— to support our defenders, the team and the reputation of Ukraine in the international information space.

Help can come in different formats, but all support is important:

We bought and sent ambulances to the front.
We supported fundraising from Vladyslav Chechotkin, Co-Founder of Rozetka, after the russian army blew up the Kakhovskaya HPP dam.
We helped open a tactical flight training class for the Air Force of Ukraine. The class is equipped with modern flight simulators with virtual reality technologies.
We joined the all-Ukrainian fundraiser [Tylovyky] and collected 200,000 UAH for the needs of our defenders.
We joined Operation [from Ukrainian «Єдність» (Unity)] by UNITED24 x Come Back Alive Fund x monobank.
We took under our patronage three artillery brigades — the 43rd Artillery Brigade, the 27th Rocket Artillery Brigade and the 32nd Separate Mechanized Brigade. Because artillery is the key to victory and the most effective type of troops in the army.
We have held more than 25 webinars, trainings and classes dedicated to safety rules, mental and physical health, meditation practices and useful tips before potentially dangerous situations.
We partnered with a mental health platform so that every person in the company has an opportunity to visit a psychologist and/or coach for free. Unlimited.
We organized the relocation of the entire team to the Carpathians during the period of the first blackout [November-March 2022/2023].
We have provided the team with financial support to set up «unbreakable points» at home or to temporarily relocate abroad for the period of possible winter blackouts in 2023/2024.
We launched a selection in social networks «Volunteer stories of the Rooshmates», where we talked about how our team members contribute to victory. Evacuation of children, opening of charitable funds, organization of a medical unit, purchase of equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, etc.