Genai developer (Gathers)
At Gathers, we are redefining in AI Market Research. Our mission is to digitalize and automate the traditionally expensive process of market research with our cutting-edge AI technology. We value simplicity, formality, and a high level of trust and ownership among our team members. Join us in our journey to revolutionize market research with the latest tech stack.

We are seeking a GenAI Developer, a hybrid role that combines the skills of a Python Backend Developer with experience in AI, or an ML/MLOps/LLMOps Engineer with a background in backend development. You will be at the forefront of writing core functionalities of our AI Market Researcher product, focusing on LLMs (mostly Assistants API of GPT models).
You will:
→ developing core functionalities of the product based on LLMs (GPT, Assistants API);
→ integration of data storage solutions (databases, key-value stores, etc.);
→ building and maintaining relational and vector databases (PostgreSQL, Pinecone, ChromaDB, etc.);
→ implementing retrieval systems (llamaindex or custom solutions);
→ creating demo prototypes;
→ working closely with the Chief AI Officer on strategic projects.
It’s all about you:
→ expertise in Python and software backend development;
→ experience in AI, ML/MLOps, LLMOps;
→ knowledge in working with LLM APIs (both closed & open source);
→ proficiency in relational and vector databases (PostgreSQL, Pinecone, ChromaDB, etc.);
→ skills in retrieval (llamaindex or custom);
→ demonstrated ability in demo prototyping (Streamlit, etc);
→ deployment skills (Azure, Kubernetes, etc.);
→ experience in custom API integrations (Slack, MS Teams, etc.).
As a Rooshmate, you will have:
→  The coolest team ever
You will join striving and open-minded professionals to share ideas and shape the future.
→  Time-off policy to take your time
Twenty-one days of vacation, long and short-term sick leaves, compensatory days off, maternity and paternity leaves, and more — everything for you to make up your life according to your needs.
→  Medical insurance
Perfectly packed health care covering dental and Covid-19 cases.
→  Boosting your expertise
We're interested in accelerating your growth — hence we compensate for your professional development courses and conferences. You will get access to all Roosh educational or business activities, where we engage top-notch experts from diverse areas to master hard and soft skills. Also, you can join our corporate English lessons twice a week.
→  Financial support in various life circumstances
We will support you in joy and sorrow of this unpredictable life.

How’s the hiring process going?
Our hiring process is designed to ensure that we are a perfect match. So be ready to come across:

→  interview with Recruiter: we’ll talk about Roosh and answer all your questions;
→  intro call with your future Manager: we'll discuss the role and the project in detail;
→  tech interview: we want to see how you think, bring ideas, and work with info. Then we’ll give you feedback;
→  culture fit interview: a final call with the team to make sure our culture and values click;
→  reference check: during the process, we’ll contact your previous workplaces to hear something even more exciting about you.
Still not sure whether to go for Roosh or not? Check our values to resonate with yours first here. Anyway, thanks for your interest.

We’ll review your CV and everything you have sent us within five working days. If your background meets our needs — we’ll set up a call to get to know each other better. Otherwise, we aren’t quite ready to get along with you at this moment. But no worries — our journey has just started, and we’d love to stay in touch as our team grows and more opportunities emerge. We wish you the best of luck with your aspiration.